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Trauma Release Specialist
for Adults and Children

I can help you:
Release your trauma
Rewire your brain
Regain control of your life.

"Working with Pudding helped me improve my wellness, and challenged me to face and forgive past obstacles in my life which were holding me back from moving forward in a positive way." - Johanna, USA

Are you exhausted from the inner battle with your thoughts, feelings and emotions? 

Do you feel like the more you fight with them, the more stuck you feel? 

The more you resist them, they persist?

You experience the manifestation of this inner battle in any of these ways: PTSD, panic attacks, high anxiety, irrational fears, phobias, unwanted habits, performance anxiety or coping mechanisms like smoking, drinking, overeating, people pleasing. 

This battle may have originated from a young age, be a result of events over time, or even a single event or experience.

You might have already tried to overcome it a number of ways, done your best efforts to control or eliminate the struggle, but perhaps as time goes on, it intensifies. 

As the cycle continues, you might have already found it affecting your relationship with others, and feeling increasingly isolated and losing hope. 

Are you ready to gain freedom from the struggle?

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Hi, I'm Pudding

(pronounced just like the dessert)


My guess is that you're here because someone you trust mentioned my name or how I helped them or their family with the change work I do. Or you might have seen one of my videos online. Whatever path you took, I am really glad you're here.

I first discovered trauma release and brain rewiring from where you are now- as a client. 

I have since made it my purpose to guide others just like you to successfully release their traumas and regain control over their lives..

My learned experience, and my clients' transformations have reinforced that these mind-body techniques are powerful.


If you are ready to let go of the past and step into a present that brings you greater fulfilment and peace, I believe I can help you too. 

My approach to therapeutic healing combines Multichannel Eye Movement Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Breathwork, Tapping and a deep understanding of neuroscience and evidence- based techniques.

Are you a parent concerned about your child's trauma? 

As a parent myself, one of the worst positions to be in is knowing your child is struggling, and not knowing what to do about it. 

Perhaps your child has been through a traumatic event, or been bullied at school, or maybe you are concerned about how an impending divorce is going to affect their wellbeing. 

I encourage you, parent-to-parent, to click on the link below to learn more about the 90-min SleepTalk course I offer parents looking to empower themselves with an easy, non-intrusive way to support their children through a challenging time. 

SleepTalk can be used on its own or in addition to one-on-one sessions with me, and any other therapies your child is already engaged in. 

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What I do



I offer holistic, client-centred, one-to-one therapy sessions.


Together, we will explore your unique path to your healing, work on the challenges you are facing, and then set your brain up for the positive changes you want.


Sessions are offered in a safe, confidential, supportive space in-person or via ZOOM (online). 

Sessions with children are typically conducted in-person only. Please enquire for more details.



I teach:

Hypnobirthing- Parents-to-be learn calm, comfortable, fear-free birthing. 

SleepTalk- Empowering parents to improve their childrens' self-confidence, self-love and manage emotional or behavioral challenges in a gentle, non-intrusive way, while they sleep at night.

Learn more here.

Sessions are offered in a safe, confidential, supportive space in-person or via ZOOM (online), and can be taught privately or in a group.



I am available to groups, corporates, schools and organisations to provide talks and workshops on:

Effectively Managing Stress and Anxiety

Teaching self-care

Enhancing Performance



Please enquire with me on developing a bespoke experience for your group. 

Curious about the Hypnosis part? 

This will help:

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. When in this state, your mind is able to examine the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that you came to work on more clearly, and then access the right resources to make the changes you came to make. 

What does hypnosis feel like?

Often you might feel deeply relaxed and calm. Relaxation can certainly be a good entry point for hypnosis, but it's not always necessary. You may feel lightness or heaviness, dreamy or fully present. The experience varies between people and between sessions. This is normal, because hypnosis is not a feeling- it is a state of mind (focused attention).

Can I be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, one that you have already been in and out of hundreds if not thousands of times already in your everyday life. 

Natural states of hypnosis occur right after you wake up, and right before you fall asleep. If you've ever gotten lost in a movie, a good book, a sad song, driven to a destination without paying much attention while your mind was somewhere else, or engaged in an endless Instagram scroll for hours- you have been in trance. I'll show you how to utilise it better!

"Working with Pudding didn't just improve my sports performance. Her techniques have also helped me in other aspects of life and have boosted my overall attitude and outlook." - Makayla, USA

Video Testimonials

"By the end of our wonderful hypnobirthing sessions with Pudding, I couldn't imagine how else I would be able to feel so calm and mentally prepared going into birth." - Rachel, Singapore
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