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Manage chronic pain

Have conventional therapies caused little change to your chronic pain?

Are you struggling to find comfort when your pain is triggered in your daily life? 

Are you open to trying a non-invasive, drug-free approach to manage your comfort?

Research has shown that hypnosis offers a promising alternative for managing chronic pain by harnessing the power of the mind-body connection.

It's important to understand that pain is experienced based on your environment, emotions, previous experiences and perceptions, and your brain decides to what extent and how you feel it

Through the power of thought, your pain signal can be intensified, numbed, or turned off.

Hypnotherapy offers a unique, gentle and non-invasive approach to managing your levels of comfort.

I regularly work with birthing mothers to teach them how to manage their labour and delivery process to be empowered and comfortable, through a process called Hypnobirthing. Similar concepts apply there- gaining control over the perception of pain and how to manage it accordingly.

Please note that hypnosis should never be used to mask undiagnosed pain.


It should only be used to relieve suffering once medical diagnosis has been provided.


For your safety, before we work together, you should have already consulted with your medical practitioner/s to ensure that reducing or eliminating your pain is safe. I can also work with you as part of your existing team of practitioners.

Hypnosis for chronic pain management can be useful (and not limited) to the following conditions:

- Chronic Back Pain

- Migraines

- Arthritis

- Fibromiyalgia


Can you imagine how different your life would be if you could regain control your levels of comfort? 

I offer in-person sessions in Singapore (centrally located at Orchard Road) and virtual online sessions to clients both locally and worldwide, whatever suits you best.

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