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Hey fellow Parent,

Is your child anxious or lacking confidence?

Are they struggling through big transitions, distressing events now or are there some upcoming? 

Are you worried about their behaviour, their habits, their emotional wellbeing?

Are you struggling to manage their impulsive or compulsive behaviour?

Or do you simply just want to strengthen your child's sense of security, safety and feeling loved?

Introducing The SleepTalk® Process


A straightforward and effective method that has been trusted by parents for over 50 years.

The SleepTalk Process is a safe, elegant and non-intrusive way to empower parents to reconnect with their children, and empower children to address a wide range of childhood challenges.

The early years of a child’s life have always been important but are now increasingly complex for children and parents (just like you) to navigate.


I work with many parents who are deeply concerned about their children and how they are managing and coping with the pressures of growing up in today’s world.


With just a few minutes a night, The SleepTalk® Process can bring outstanding and life changing results for families just like yours. No medication required.


You, as a parent, become empowered as you embrace The SleepTalk® Process and incorporate it into your child's nightly routine. By giving your child positive affirmations while they sleep, you can help them cultivate a strong foundation of self-confidence and inner strength.


The SleepTalk® Process has been used by paediatric and counselling professionals for almost 50 years and this process has assisted families all over the globe, in over a dozen countries and languages.


I personally use The SleepTalk® Process with my child and I encourage you to as well.


For a few quick minutes every night, you can assist your child to achieve stronger resilience and a more positive outlook on life.  

Who is The SleepTalk® Process for?

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

The SleepTalk® Process is generally applicable from birth to the age of 15-16 years.

For babies, it can serve as a beautiful foundational process that allows parents to build in a daily practice that they can continue into toddlerhood and beyond.

From toddlerhood onwards, The SleepTalk® Process can be especially helpful for children in the following situations:

- adjusting to the impending arrival/ arrival of new siblings

- anxiety- causing experiences

- sibling rivalry

- life transitions like new schools or separation/ divorce of parents

- learning or behavioral challenges

- destructive habits

- anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem

The SleepTalk® Process is also a way for parents to connect with their children on a daily basis. It can be a great tool for parents in the following situations: 

- working long hours without much time to consistently connect with the child daily

- unsure of what or how to consistently convey their unconditional love to the child 

- struggling through a challenging time with the child during the child's awake periods

- want a little bit of extra 'insurance' that their child knows and is reminded that they are unconditionally loved, even if everything else seems to be going ok.

What is The SleepTalk® Process?

The SleepTalk® Process is a beautifully simple process that takes only a few minutes of your time each evening.

It involves parents taking turns to talk to your child during a specific stage of their sleep cycle that research has identified as being an optimal state for subconscious learning.

This state of awareness, when the conscious mind is asleep but the subconscious mind is aware, provides a unique opportunity for very specific messages to be fully accepted and taken onboard by your child.

Research shows there is declining health and wellbeing in our young people, and increasing numbers of them are succumbing to depression and anxiety.


SleepTalk® is a methodology for building your child’s self confidence that is extremely simple for you as a parent to learn and apply.

SleepTalk® was originally created by educator Joane Goulding to assist her daughter Michelle, who was diagnosed with a range of issues including Cerebral Palsy. SleepTalk® assisted Michelle to grow into adulthood feeling secure and loved with a positive “I’m OK” attitude that has remained with her throughout and well beyond her childhood years.


Over the past fifty years the process has been further refined and developed into a successful methodology that has helped numerous families worldwide to create empowering relationships within the home environment and has given hundreds of children that most precious gift of self-love and self-esteem.

Although originally created to assist a child with unique needs, SleepTalk® is really for any child- the benefits of the process apply to all children.

What are some benefits of The SleepTalk® Process for your child?

  • Increased resilience.

  • Improved behaviour, concentration & enjoyment of learning.

  • Improved health & well-being.

  • Better relationships with family, teachers & peers.

  • Greater achievement of potential.

  • Enhanced confidence to deal with peer group pressure & bullying.

Benefits of The SleepTalk® Process for the family:

  • Improved communication, less family tension & better relationships.

  • Less sibling rivalry & separation anxiety.

  • Reduced need for specialist help (in some cases)

  • A happier home environment

What positive affirmations are you going to be giving your child?

A simple, loving message that has been carefully and precisely crafted to support you child.

The language is purposefully basic and easy to understand to suit a wide range of ages and abilities. 

I will teach you how to deliver the suggestions in the correct tone of voice and in the optimal stage of your child’s sleep cycle, so you can empower your child to overcome a wide range of issues that may be of particular concern and/or to achieve self-confidence and inner strength regardless of what each day brings.

The technique is easy for parents to learn and practice daily, with no memorisation required. 

I already talk to my child when they are asleep. How is SleepTalk® different?

That's awesome!

Prior to using SleepTalk®, I would practice positive affirmations with my child before sleep from the time she was a baby into toddlerhood, when she could do it with me. Some nights while she slept, I would also whisper affirmations to her while she slept. 

Every word of a SleepTalk® suggestions has been artfully selected and placed for a reason. Though it sounds simple, there is sound methodology to words, word placement as well as the process for delivery. 


Additionally, you will also learn about how and why it's important for you to phrase your affirmations mindfully, as you could unknowingly be planting unintentional expectations in their subconscious mind while they sleep.  

SleepTalk® will give you every single word you need to repeat the process nightly in 2-3 minutes, and you won't have to memorise anything. 

How is The SleepTalk® Process Structured?

Phase 1- The Foundation

All families start here, preferably with both parents in attendance.

Some families may choose to remain in Phase 1 indefinitely, to continue building a strong foundation, with no need for Phases 2 or 3.

Phase 1:

  • Improves a child's overall anxiety and happiness

  • Helps to build self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Most families notice positive shifts in the first few weeks. 

Session Duration: 1 x 90 mins

Session Delivery: In-person or Online

Session Size: Single Family (private) or Group

Phase Duration: 8-12 weeks minimum

Once parents have carried out Phase 1 for at least 8-12 weeks, and would like to consider progressing in the process, then can choose to book a private 90-min online assessment with me to move onto Phase 2. 

Phase 2- Bridging

If the Phase 1 assessment shows that the child is ready, Phase 2 of the process can be taught during that same 90-min assessment session. 

Phase 2 can help with:

  • correcting poor habits and social skills

  • separation anxiety

  • sibling rivalry

  • explosive tantrums

  • frustrating behaviour

Session Duration: 1 x 90 mins

Session Delivery: In-person or Online

Session Size: Single Family (private) only

Phase Duration: 8-12 weeks minimum

  • Families can choose to continue Phase 2 for at least 8-12 weeks (or more) and then book a private assessment with me to assess readiness to move onto Phase 3 (if needed).

Phase 3- Addressing the Primary Area of Need

In weeks 8-12 of Phase 2, parents will attend a private assessment session with me to assess the child's readiness to progress to Phase 3.

If the assessment shows that the child is ready, Phase 2 of the process can be taught during that same assessment session. 

Session Duration: 1 x 90 mins

Session Delivery: In-person or Online

Session Size: Single Family (private) only

Phase Duration: 8-12 weeks minimum

Phase 3 focuses on specific statements for:

  • challenging behaviour

  • poor social skills

  • communication difficulties

  • developmental disorders such as sleeping, toileting or eating challenges

  • could also be beneficial for children with unique learning/ behavioral challenges

Is The SleepTalk® Process the right fit for your family?

The 3 keys to creating positive change with The SleepTalk® Process are:

  1. Commitment: Offer the protocol each night for a minimum of 8-12 weeks per Phase.

  2. Consistency: Ensure the process is presented to all siblings.

  3. Compliance: Repeat the suggestions exactly without change or addition.

Parents- incorporate SleepTalk® into you and your kids' bedtime routine – it is just like brushing teeth every night.

Just 2 – 5 minutes a night while your child sleeps can help you create lasting foundations for self-love and self-confidence. 

You will notice results if you present the information consistently and as directed.

To read some case studies and parent feedback of The SleepTalk® Process, please click on the following:


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Ready to learn and practice The SleepTalk® Process with your child?

I teach The SleepTalk® Process locally (Singapore) and internationally in the following ways: 

  • Private Consultations (In-person or Online)

  • Group Consultations (In-person or Online)

I also offer SleepTalk® Presentations to corporates and schools.

Please contact me to get started on Phase 1 and schedule your session by clicking on the following button:

I am one of a limited handful of Accredited SleepTalk® Consultants in Singapore and you can find my accreditation here on the Goulding Institute’s International Register.

As an Accredited SleepTalk® Consultant, you can be assured that I undertake stringent ongoing training, have maintained current accreditation and currency protocols, ensuring you receive the authentic SleepTalk® Process which has stood the test of time for over 50 years.

I look forward to working with your family!

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